Developing Games or Applications with the NEM Blockchain and Node.js

Dear readers,

today I am going to share a piece of my development experience on the PacNEM — — game developed using Node.js and the nem blockchain (Feb. 2017 to Jul. 2017). Details of the implementation will be posted along with this article in a more in-depth article.

This beginner’s guide aims to be simple and should only introduce you to a few basic features of blockchain related application and game development.

The nem blockchain provides a very intuitive HTTP/JSON API, also pretty easy to use. This post will describe an example of an easy first implementations you can do with javascript and a blockchain in a game or application development project.

This article uses the NEM-sdk package, which can be installed through npm as follows: npm install nem-sdk . You can also download the minified SDK javascript from Github and link it in your HTML like this: .