PacNEM: Developing Games with the NEM Blockchain

Today I am going to share a piece of my development experience on the PacNEM  game developed using Node.js and the nem blockchain (Feb. 2017 to Jul. 2017). Details of the implementation will be posted along with this article in a more in-depth article.

This beginner’s guide aims to be simple and should only introduce you to a few basic features of blockchain related application and game development.

The nem blockchain provides a very intuitive HTTP/JSON API, also pretty easy to use. This post will describe an example of an easy first implementation you can do with javascript and a blockchain in a game or application development project.

Linking a blockchain to a game or application development project is a little more complicated than what you might think as it requires a good understanding of the Peer to Peer networks brought back to life by blockchains.

Yes, blockchains use Peer-to-Peer and so —  each cryptocurrency’s blockchain is distributed across a network of nodes. These nodes also validate transactions for a protocol defined by the given cryptocurrency — this validation process is usually referred to as Consensus Rules.